The elegant Italian sliding wardrobe

Our luxurious sliding and hinged wardrobe comes with elegant sliding doors either with or without sleek handles. Its main feature is a contemporary design line which enables a natural fit of the custom wardrobe system with the surrounding area and enhance the overall modularity of the project and product. Thus, the design of this luxury master wardrobe establishes harmony through its many and perfect combinations with all the elements of the collection, such as bridges, bookcases and desk area, and enables true real freedom in the personalization of the environment.
Finishes-wise, the wardrobe system comes with retro-lacquered painted glass doors and retro-lacquered metallic painted glass doors which also have lacquered or metallic lacquered exterior sides in the same color finish.

Each of our collections represents only a concept, a system, a starting point for highly customizable projects, from micro- to macro-details. The traditional notion of “collection” is overturned: in Cosy there is no standardization.

Are you an architect or an interior designer? Discover the most exclusive Italian Wardrobe Closet Systems. Enter Cosy’s world.


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