Your own and unique luxury glamorous walk in closet

Charmant is a collection which represents the full appreciation of beauty. It creates an unique atmosphere which reflects your own way of being through a shining, unique and unrepeatable elegance. Elements of the collection are made in precious materials, which enhance the senses. Each one of them is customizable according to your desires, just like building a kaleidoscope with wonderful reflections. You’ll be able to choose between different shapes and endless combinations, and multiple wardrobe dimension sizes. Wardrobes and night decorating elements define our living spaces, thus becoming an integral and precious part of the world.

Each of our collections represents only a concept, a system, a starting point for highly customizable projects, from micro- to macro-details. The traditional notion of “collection” is overturned: in Cosy there is no standardization.

Impress your clients by showing them Cosy collection, luxury Italian wardrobe closets selected by worldwide Architects and Interior Designers.


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