Custom made walk in closets

Tailor-made services for tailor-made wardrobe systems

Cosy maintains high-quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process of its bespoke walk in closets, from the first step of taking room measurements, to the specification of the project characteristics and materials selection, and brings the latest technology while paying respect to the established home environment. These elements are fundamentals in the production of a total custom closet system, this includes ongoing professional updates regarding the ever-evolving furniture industry.

Our services include:

  • free project support with customized CAD drawing;
  • free on-site environment survey service;
  • photorealistic renderings on demand;
  • assembly of the chosen custom walk in closet composition by one of our internationally operating specialized team.
custom walk in closet project
luxury custom walk in closets design project

In the planning and programming of a total custom walk in closet project, a preliminary check of the exact dimensions of the space that need to be furnished takes place and is executed by one of our representatives. The first step is then followed up by a proposal for the bespoke closet system project which includes all the personalized elements according to the clients specific needs. Our strength lies in our extreme design versatility and distinctive craftsmanship, which is further enhanced by our selection of the most varied, luxurious, precious and refined materials. Thus, the inclusion of such distinctive details enhance even more the already aesthetically pleasing geometric perspective of the project.

Butterfly collection, projects by Cosy International
Butterfly collection, projects by Cosy International

A tailor-made luxury

In accordance with the space available, each project represents an innovative take on furnishing and defines a new way of conceiving it. Aesthetic and functional aspects of the custom wardrobe closet are designed through a comprehensive vision that considers cultural contaminations, craftsmanship and design evolutions.

This is how new site-specific projects are born under the Cosy International Maison, where luxury wardrobe closets get an increasingly tailor-made take and are able to satisfy all different kinds of need and expectation. Under our meticulous care about practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects, unusual harmonies are born.

On the one hand, our versatility and endless customization options leave room for the expressive power of emotions through the combination of different decorative elements, finishes and colors. On the other, the craftsmanship based on our long artisanal experience manages to bring to life small masterpieces made by our extreme care and attention to detail. Thus, each tailor-made walk in closet is a unique piece of art signed by Cosy International and will enhance each and every space in an exclusive bespoke way.