A collection of luxury custom-made fitted wardrobes and walk-in closets

This collection incapsulates the beauty and the elegance in an exclusive bundle of interior elements which highlights their very essence. Thus, all spaces of the night area are enriched and made unique to embrace a lifestyle that only seeks intense and exclusive harmony. Since we are who we intend to be, what actually surrounds us speaks of us just as we do for ourselves. The Bespoke concept creates a sophisticated environment which reflects your intense and personal lifestyles. The various interior elements can be freely arranged and personalized and each fulfills requirements of functionality and beauty, thus creating unique combinations based on your desires.


Each of our collections represents only a concept, a system, a starting point for highly customizable projects, from micro- to macro-details. The traditional notion of “collection” is overturned: in Cosy there is no standardization.

Impress your clients showing them Cosy collection, luxury Italian wardrobe closets selected by worldwide Architects and Interior Designers.


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