The Italian wardrobe closet

Cosy, a luxury bespoke furniture maker. 100% Made in Italy.

Cosy was founded based on the experience of a renowned historical company from Florence specialized in the nighttime area furnishing. The company brings innovation and tradition together in their exclusive Italian wardrobe closet designs through its perfectly integrated technological system, to provide a high-quality tailor-made service.

Cosy aims to satisfy the needs of the ever-evolving demand for style and elegance in the bespoke furniture industry. The company finds inspiration and accomplishment by bringing to life its Italian-made walk in closet design projects for the nighttime area, along with maximum versatility and customization for its products.

Thanks to a team of professionals specialized in the making of Italian wardrobe closets, Cosy offers high levels of creativity in both the design and making of multifunctional closets, and furnishing proposals, combined with a unique assembly service which ensures an original look, perfect functionality and long-lasting durability.

Florence Skyline

Bespoke Italian furniture

Cosy offers the maximum versatility and customization in its wardrobe closet design projects for the nighttime area of the house.

High quality process

high quality wardrobe door

Cosy maintains high-quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process of its bespoke Italian furniture, from the first step of taking room measurements, to the specification of the project characteristics and materials selection, implementing the latest technology.

Latest wardrobe systems

wardrobe processing

Fundamental elements take part in the making process of a wardrobe closet system and this includes ongoing professional updates regarding the ever-evolving furniture industry.