A luxury master closet customized by your sensations

The Butterfly collection is the blossoming of an innovative bespoke wardrobe concept. In this collection, the focus is on the materials which characterize each wardrobe door and make them unique, allowing this way a pure freedom in the customization process based on your feelings. Shapes come to life thanks to a mix of wood, glass, mirrors, eco-leather and marble which creates beautiful, customizable, and unexpected surroundings. Interior provide then a wide variety of options to choose from and create a different perception and feeling for each wardrobe based on your preferences: the classic wooden color, the space expanding mirror, the warm eco-leather, a backlit light panel which give a shine on your clothes and other decorative objects. Thus, unique bedroom interior elements enable such atmosphere and allow you to bring your personal interior design style in the bedroom.

Each of our collections represents only a concept, a system, a starting point for highly customizable projects, from micro- to macro-details. The traditional notion of “collection” is overturned: in Cosy there is no standardization.

Italian, Bespoke, Luxury: three words that perfectly describe Cosy collections. Wardrobe and walk-in closets selected by worldwide Architects and Interior Designers.


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