Your metal frame wardrobe with an exclusive closet finish

The main feature of the Metallica collection is the selection of meticulous metal details that give light and elegance to each project. Profiles and handles in precious materials such as bronze, gold, chrome and satin steel reflect the light and stand out for their enchanting beauty, giving the wardrobe metal frame an exclusive finish. The doors are hinged and opaque and support various types of coverings: fabric, leather, lacquered glass or wood in relief.
The mix between the choice of materials and the infinite customization possibilities guaranteed by Cosy’s systems allows you to create the perfect metal frame closet for your needs and preferences, without ever giving up the highest quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

Each of our collections represents only a concept, a system, a starting point for highly customizable projects, from micro- to macro-details. The traditional notion of “collection” is overturned: in Cosy there is no standardization.

Are you an architect or an interior designer? Discover the most exclusive Italian Wardrobe Closet Systems. Enter Cosy’s world.


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