Luxury walk in closet

Elegant, refined, contemporary, functional and spectacular custom wardrobe systems by Cosy

Our prestigious walk in closets are the result of a solution-based planning, which includes an extreme attention to details and a refined execution of the whole project. The luxurious materials are highlighted by an unseen eclecticism which is embedded in the emblematic originality of the Italian style luxury furniture that in Cosys case combines elements of the most classic Tuscan tradition such as the typical workmanship versatility that has been passed on over centuries in a process of skills acquisition dated back to the industrial evolution. Thus, the luxury wardrobe closet becomes a timeless, functional and technological work of art, refined and spectacular at the same time.

Are you an architect or an interior designer? Discover the most exclusive Italian Wardrobe Closet Systems.

The design of the ideal and glamorous walk in closet must consider the characteristics of the home environment, its intended use and the style of choice based on the needs of those who live there. Thus, the design isnt about luxury classic Italian furniture only, but also all the decorative elements that can be included and customized on request.

Our experience as a company within the luxury Italian furniture industry and the reasons behind our success are based on a professional rule of conduct that follows a precise and meticulous sequence of steps in the design and complete planning of the project.

  • First, a preliminary on-site inspection service of the exact dimensions of the space that need to be furnished, executed by one of our representatives.
  • Then, the design of the ultimate elegant walk in closet including all the customized elements based on the customers specific needs.
  • Finally, the execution of the project following the design of the exclusive luxury walk in closet, always under the supervision of one of our professionals who will also take care of the on-site installation. Moreover, Cosy relies on its exclusive supply chain which guarantees an even higher quality for a superior luxury walk in closet.