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Why choose a small luxury walk in closet

When we think of a luxury walk-in closet, we instinctively imagine a huge room, filled with exquisite furnishings, showcasing clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories as if we were inside a high-fashion museum. But does a luxury walk-in closet, in order to be truly “luxury”, necessarily have to be enormous and even span multiple floors, like some of the most famous wardrobes owned by actresses, influencers, and entrepreneurs?

To answer this question, it’s essential to consider the intrinsic characteristics of a luxury walk-in closet. One of the most important is definitely the attention given to the space to be furnished, so as to make the most of every inch available, without necessarily devoting many square meters to a particularly scenic wardrobe.

Tailor-made and small luxury closets: a wise choice


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Luxury customized walk-in closet (Shanghai, China)

It’s not stated in any design manual that a wardrobe must be enormous to be exclusive. After all, a gigantic walk-in closet is not always one of the desires and needs of someone who values the style of their house, particularly their sleeping area. Sometimes it is not even a question of lack of space: maybe the customer considers it unnecessary to devote so much space to a room intended exclusively for the wardrobe and prefers to use that surface for something else, maybe for a larger bedroom. This is a more than legitimate choice, also because allocating a limited area to your closet does not mean depriving yourself of a luxury product. True luxury does not lie in the size, but in the enhancement of the space through personalized furniture and attention to every detail.

Features of a small luxury walk-in closet

Let’s now explore the three primary advantages of small, yet highly refined walk-in closets. Since large dimensions are not a requirement for this type of wardrobe, designers can focus on other elements.

Smart use of space

As mentioned earlier, creating a small-to-medium-sized walk-in closet provides an opportunity to utilize the available space intelligently and creatively, avoiding unnecessary wastage. An excellent starting point is to acknowledge the potential of corners, often neglected, despite their substantial storage capacity. Drawers, shelves, and hanging rods play a fundamental role in maximizing the functionality of the room.


cabine armadio piccole small luxury walk in closet
Detail of our Skyline collection

Flexibility of the closet system

If you choose to install a small walk-in closet, organizing clothes, accessories and other items will be faster and easier. In addition, if you like to periodically change the layout of your belongings (maybe for a seasonal wardrobe change or for new needs), it will be easier and more intuitive.


luxury walk in closet armadio di lusso
Detail of our Skyline collection

Use of premium materials

Why prioritize size when you can focus on the finest quality materials? The choice of glass, leather, wood, metal and different types of fabric really make the difference and can be combined as you prefer, giving maximum freedom to customers: this way, the walk-in closet becomes an authentic reflection of their style.

Small luxury walk in closet vs Large luxury walk in closet


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Detail of our Metallica collection

A very large walk-in closet or a more discreet walk-in closet: which one best matches your idea of the perfect wardrobe?
Whatever your answer, you can rely on the passion and expertise of Cosy International for tailor-made Italian craftsmanship. Our professionals are dedicated to creating the walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of with unparalleled dedication.