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The next interior design trends: an interview with 7Haus

Passion: this is the key word that characterizes the work of 7Haus, a studio specialized in kitchen furnishing with a showroom in New York. Interior design trends have no secrets for this reality which, starting with a small garage, has then established in one of the most famous cities in the world!

The 7Haus team has the opportunity to deal with people day after day, listening to what they need and trying to understand their tastes, as well as their daily needs. That’s the reason we decided to contact them and hear their opinion on the next trends in bespoke interior design, inviting Mr. Chen I. Tal, CEO of 7Haus, to satisfy some curiosities.


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  1. Hello, Chen, thank you for accepting to be interviewed on Cosy International’s blog! Let’s get right to the point: according to 7Haus, what are the next interior design trends and from which is it useful to take inspiration?
    The next trends in design are influenced by the last two years of what the World has experienced (Covid-19): people are looking for clean and comfortable design and light colors since people realized that they are spending more time at home. Neutral colors are the trend of design with simple and efficient organization.
  2. How 7Haus anticipates the next interior design trends and how does your atelier* evolve towards the latest innovations?*Do you consider 7Haus an “atelier” or do you prefer another definition?
    One of our most important resources is our patrons (consumers): we are involved with different design group conversations from around the world, we constantly research and talk with colleagues and other designers and architects.
    We are an atelier for design and build services.
  3. According to 7Haus and based on your experience, how can a walk-in closet contribute to the furnishing of a modern and functional home?
    The closet is the way people are storing their valuables and this is the way people are presenting themself to the world. It is an extension of what they want to present, saying that the walk-in closet fits the criteria of functionality and comfortably as we mentioned in our previous answers.
  4. 7Haus has a showroom in the center of Manhattan so you are in daily contact with people. What’s the most common request and your customers’ needs? According to this, what can we expect from the future and from the next interior design trends?
    Yes, we actually have two locations in Manhattan. The needs are changing: people are willing to see new innovations and they are constantly looking for functionality and options for smart storage. Since space in Manhattan is very expansive, the space allocated for closets is smaller.
  5. Instead, what can we expect from the future of 7Haus? Do you have a specific goal that you want to achieve in the near future?
    Our goal is to introduce to the New Yorkers the option of storage that they can use in a smart and clean design.
  6. What is the craziest and most unexpected request customers have made of you over time? Do you have any unusual anecdotes/stories to tell us?
    We take any requests as a need of the customer, but we have a short story for you… One of our customers asked us to build a dog storage space within the living area so that they can store him for the night as part of the media center that we design for them. We successfully changed their mind about doing that!


trend interior design


Thank you, Chen, for your availability and for sharing your thoughts on upcoming interior design trends and your customer experience with us!

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