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Bespoke furniture design is in the details: an interview with Estorio

Cosy’s blog is becoming more and more international!
After the interview with Chen I. Tal of 7Haus, we move from the United States to Europe, specifically Hungary, where Estorio‘s bespoke furniture design showroom is located. The most authoritative international brands selected by Eszter Radnóczy and his studio, este’r partners, are gathered inside the Budapest Opera House: a prestigious setting for equally prestigious realities, which make luxury furniture their life mission!

Estorio and Cosy International have started a precious collaboration that has led them to work together on the design of bespoke furniture in the residential sector, paying particular attention to the needs and preferences of the customer. This is why we could not choose a better person than Eszter Radnóczy to investigate some particularity of interior design, from the choice of the best material to those details to which only an expert and attentive eye pays attention, in order to make the most of them.


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  1. Hello, Eszter, and thank you for accepting to be interviewed on Cosy International’s blog! Let’s start with a simple question: what differentiates Estorio from other bespoke furniture design ateliers and what do you pay more attention to?
    Estorio is a showroom , an online and offline space, created according to a new concept. The first Estorio showflat is placed in Budapest, right at the Opera house. The elegant apartment functions as a salon, a meeting place for brands, architects, real estate investors and for private people who love the sophisticated design. Estorio is a home of carefully selected designer brands.
    The essence of the concept is that the location and the design constantly change in space and time, to always show forward-looking and memorable features from the world of interior design.
  2. Good design involves making objects that are both beautiful and functional. How is this delicate balance achieved, according to Estorio?
    Estorio is curated by me (Eszter Radnóczy e.d.) and my studio este’r partners, based on 17 years of experience in architecture, interior design and construction. With these experiences, we launched our new activities to provide a 360 degree line of services. We help our customers choose the location, design and build the apartment in such a way that creativity, function, detail and technology meet at a high level. The fact that the showroom is a living space especially helps to understand how functionality and beauty can perfectly coexist.
  3. Is there a material that you particularly love to use or that you think should be more exploited, in the context of bespoke furniture design?
    Of course, everything lies in the details and proportions. Interior materials such as aluminum, glass and wood provide plenty of opportunities for the furniture to become a design object while meeting all the functional demands placed on them. For example, the wardrobe of Cosy International reflects this approach well. The wardrobe itself is a space-dividing element, which is a light, metal-framed element assembled with engineering precision. The glass fronts contribute to its lightness, which can be transparent, smoky, or coated with copper mesh as required.
    In addition, the interior wooden elements, divided drawers, Flukso and Dutch Walltextile upholstered in fine velvet and leather make the wardrobe paired with cool materials soft and extremely elegant.
  4. “The devil is in the detail”, so they say, and this also applies to bespoke furniture design. What is that detail that risks being overlooked by the customer, but to which you pay particular attention?
    In addition to the previous ones, I also consider lighting to be very important. The modern LED lighting is hidden in the metal frames in such a way that it is almost imperceptible, yet it illuminates the entire furniture mystically and evenly. Brightness control is also one of the cornerstones of the desired effect. The richness of detail in the woodwork and the sophisticated processing of the upholstery makes using the wardrobe an experience.
  5. Let’s focus on the wardrobes: what detail makes a luxury walk-in closet truly exclusive, according to Estorio’s philosophy?
    The new wardrobe system developed by Estorio and Cosy International is “Baldacchino”. The essence of this is that the walk-in closet is covered and connected by an upper lighting panel. With this, it forms a unit and highlights the creation. Additional elements of the series will be released soon, which offer an exciting solution for dividing large spaces and creating islands with a canopy.
  6. When it comes to decorate their home with custom-made furniture customers can make peculiar requests, sometimes even absurd! Can you tell us an episode of this kind that you experienced firsthand with some of your customers?
    There is a very wide scope for creativity and meeting needs.
    I really like it when a functional cabinet or wardrobe becomes an architectural element even in its beauty, but it is even more exciting when its user fills it with content that is an aesthetic journey. We have already made hundreds of pairs of women’s shoe display wardrobes, which almost corresponded to a museum exhibition.


design di arredamento su misura estorio


We want to thank Eszter Radnóczy for answering our questions with interesting and stimulating observations for all those who work in the world of bespoke furniture design and for those who aspire to furnish their home with high quality unique pieces!

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