quanto costa un interior designer how much does an interior designer cost

How much does an interior designer cost?

The interior designer is a key figure for those who wish to have a home furnished with custom-made furniture that reflects their style and adapts to their needs.

The interior designer is not just an interior decorator, but a professional who can use his/her creativity and technical skills to perfectly furnish spaces that are both functional and aesthetically impactful. To do this, they understand the client’s needs, select the most suitable materials and colors, contact furniture manufacturers, and find the best furniture arrangement, all while taking into account lighting and, of course, the available budget.

Speaking of budget: how much does an interior designer cost? This question cannot be answered uniquely, as the rate of this profession changes from country to country. Moreover, an interior designer can choose to be paid in different ways, such as through an hourly cost or a price per square meter to be furnished.

Let’s look in more detail at these differences in some of the countries of the world, starting with Cosy International’s “home”: Italy!

How much does an interior designer cost in Italy?


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In Italy, the interior design profession does not enjoy the same recognition and prestige reserved for architects, unlike in many other parts of the world. This disparity in perception may also affect the rates charged by interior design professionals in the country.

The rate of an interior designer in Italy varies depending on several criteria. These are the three main ones:

  • hourly cost: the professional establishes a fee based on the hours of work required to design and furnish the environment. The price can vary widely, from €30 to €250 per hour, depending on the interior designer’s experience and the nature of the project;
  • cost per square meter: the price is calculated according to the area to be furnished. In Italy there is between 10 and 30 € per square meter;
  • percentage of the total cost: some professionals propose a percentage of 10-20% of the total value of the furniture project.

In addition to these cases, it is necessary to consider specific consultancies (which are usually priced according to an hourly fee) and projects that involve a high degree of customization, which require more attention and thus an additional cost that varies from case to case.

What is the rate of an interior designer in the USA?


quanto costa un interior designer nel mondo how much does an interior designer cost


In the United States, the cost of an interior designer varies widely: indeed, there are considerable differences by city or region. An average can be made, however, based on:

  • hourly cost: hourly rates for U.S. interior designers are between $100 and $150 per hour, rising if they are more experienced professionals;
  • cost per square meter: in this case the cost ranges from $5 to $17 per square meter;
  • percentage of the total cost: in the United States, interior designers can propose a markup on furnishings between 17 and 45 percent, to be added to the cost of furniture.

Another useful figure to get an idea is the average interior designer’s work for one room, which usually ranges from $1,900 to $12,000. While for an entire house, rates start at $50,000 to $100,000.

How much does a furniture project cost in the UK?


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As in other countries, average hourly rates for an interior designer in the United Kingdom vary depending on the experience of the professional, as well as the size of the home to be furnished and its number of rooms. The hourly cost is around £30 to £40, but more reputable interior designers have a much higher rate, between £150 and £200 per hour.

Alternatively, interior designers may decide to charge a percentage between 10 and 20 percent of the total value of the furniture project. However, these figures remain indicative: the more the client needs custom or bespoke furniture, the higher the quote presented by the professional; because a custom project is more valuable than a standard one.

What is the price of an interior designer in France?


how much does an interior designer cost in france quanto costa un interior designer


In France, the professional figure of the interior designer is called an “architecte d’intérieur” and has an average hourly rate of between €100 and €250. Again, this is only an average and the actual cost can change depending on the expertise of the professional and the city in which he/she works: interior designers based in Paris, Bordeaux or Nice will cost more than a provincial professional.

However, the most common way of calculating an interior designer’s estimate in France is a percentage of the total cost of the interior work, which is between 8 and 15 percent after VAT.

How much does an interior designer cost in the UAE?


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In the United Arab Emirates, the costs of an interior design work vary greatly from project to project. On average, excluding furniture costs, for a three-bedroom home, rates start from AED 35,000-40,000.

Taking into consideration the cost per square foot, the estimate for a residential project is between AED 75 and AED 400, figures that rise when it comes to commercial projects, such as offices or stores: AED 100 to AED 500.

Of course, these are approximate figures, and actual costs can vary significantly depending on the specific needs of each project.

How much will your furniture design project cost?

As you may have noticed, it is not so easy to determine how much an interior designer costs. One thing is certain: the rates for a standard project are much lower than for a custom interior design project.

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