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Custom closets or walk-in closets? That’s the question… and this is the answer!

A classic wardrobe with doors, designed specifically for your bedroom, or an entire room to be furnished as a walk-in closet? There is no one-size-fits-all answer: when it comes to custom-made furniture, after all, the best solution is the one that perfectly reflects your needs and preferences in terms of style, and this is its greatest strength. This is why a walk-in closet isn’t always better than a wardrobe (or vice versa): the answer depends on the structure of your home and your lifestyle.

So how to choose between a “traditional” wardrobe and a walk-in closet? A couple of thoughts should be made in the right direction: don’t worry, we will guide you in this article!

Let’s start from the basics…

What’s the difference between a wardrobe and a walk-in closet?


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When we think of a generic piece of furniture, usually the wardrobe is the first that comes to mind: a system organized in doors, shelves and drawers, used to store clothes, accessories and any other kind of objects, at the owner’s discretion. It is a timeless piece of furniture, already in use at the time of Alexander the Great and the Romans (who called it “armàrium“, that is “a place to keep weapons“), but cabinets more similar to those we use today start spreading from the Renaissance.

Custom-made wardrobes can become true works of high craftsmanship, capable of reflecting the personality of those who use them and create a well-designed environment, in which the materials and individual elements of the wardrobe recall the rest of the furniture.

The most obvious difference between a classic wardrobe and a walk-in closet is that the latter is a real room in which you can move and walk. This room can in turn be set up by closets (usually without doors), as well as by shelves, drawers, mirrors, armchairs… Sometimes, if the space of the walk-in closet allows it, even by a bathroom area!

Space“, this is a fundamental concept to take into consideration when you have to choose between installing a wardrobe or a walk-in closet: trivially, if the house does not have enough space for a room used as a walk-in closet, the problem it does not even arise and it will be necessary to choose a wardrobe (without too many regrets, anyway: luxury bespoke wardrobes, when designed specifically for you and your bedroom, satisfy even the most severe of customers). However, it is not the only variable at play!

Bespoke wardrobe: a timeless (and versatile) must


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The traditional wardrobe with doors never goes out of fashion, just like the real classics: in addition to being the best choice for those who do not have enough space for a dignified walk-in closet, it is the preferred option for those who need a customized storage system, not only in the sleeping area but also in other rooms of the house.

The closet is also a piece of furniture with a dual function:

  • practical: the wardrobe is not dispersive and helps you to organize your belongings in a precise way, without running the risk of getting lost in mountains of clothes and accessories. In addition, if you don’t like the idea of having clothes on view (either for aesthetic reasons, or because you would like to avoid dust as much as possible), opt for a custom-made wardrobe with doors.
  • decorative: those who especially appreciate attention to detail in an interior design project, cannot help but admire the way in which colors, materials, handles and finishes of a wardrobe integrate with the rest of the furniture.

More space for the potential of your house


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Instead, let’s assume that you have a room that could become a perfect walk-in closet. Is this automatically the best solution for you? Not necessarily.

Not everyone likes the idea of having a walk-in closet and the reasons may be different: you would prefer to dedicate that extra room to something else (perhaps to one of your passions or hobbies), or maybe you prefer an essential and minimalist furniture style.

Whatever your reason, by preferring a made-to-measure wardrobe to a walk-in closet, you will free up a room full of potential, which you can use for anything other than storing clothes, accessories and other objects that can perfectly remain tidy inside a closed cabinet.

Discover the most exclusive Italian Wardrobe Closet Systems. Enter Cosy’s world.


The walk-in closet: a room all to yourself… and for your belongings


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It’s intuitive to think about the advantages of a bespoke walk-in closet, advantages that include both practical and aesthetic aspects. First of all, the walk-in closet simply allows you to organize your belongings in a larger space, designed specifically for them. Clothes, jewels, accessories, shoes, bags… Each category of objects finds its place, creating a not indifferent visual impact.

Furthermore, the custom-made walk-in closet meets the needs of anyone: it boasts a high customization possibilities during the design phase, but can also be easily modified later, keeping pace with the evolution of your needs and preferences. Wardrobes with and without doors, drawer units, mirrors, shelves, panels, aluminum poles… These and other elements can be easily modified, moved, added or removed, allowing you to reorganize the walk-in closet at any time.

Then maybe, looking at your bedroom, the thought that the room could only improve has crossed your head several times: if only the wardrobe system, however beautiful, did not clutter up to the point of stealing a lot of the available space! Dedicating a separate room to the walk-in closet will also allow you to enjoy your bedroom more, “freeing it” from the weight of a traditional wardrobe.

A room that is not just a closet


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The bespoke walk-in closet is not just a wardrobe room, it can satisfy your other needs. A few examples: the walk-in closet can become your personal dressing room, where you can change and dress in tranquility and in total privacy, or it can include a make-up and hair area that otherwise would have been in the bathroom. Furthermore, nothing prevents you from making your walk-in closet even more welcoming, adding armchairs, cushions, even a sofa … In short, the space in the walk-in closet is yours and you can manage it as you see fit!

To sum up: wardrobe or walk-in closet?

Prefer bespoke wardrobes if…

  • you don’t have enough space to devote to a walk-in closet
  • you want a piece of furniture that perfectly matches your bedroom
  • you consider the walk-in closet a “waste of space” and prefer to opt for a more minimalist furniture
  • you love the idea of a compact space that helps you to better organize your belongings
  • you don’t like the idea of keeping your clothes “on sight”

The walk-in closet is the solution for you if…

  • you need a separate space for your clothing and personal effects
  • you like the idea of a room that serves not only as a wardrobe, but also as a private dressing room and a make-up and hair area
  • you want a solution that is not only capacious, but also with a high visual impact
  • you aspire to an environment that is always highly customizable and changeable over time, capable of evolving together with your tastes and preferences
  • you prefer your bedroom to be “lightened” by the presence of a bulky wardrobe

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Whatever your choice: let it be tailored-made!

Now you should have clearer ideas, or in any case have all the elements that will guide you in choosing between wardrobe and walk-in closet. Regardless of which solution you choose, remember that both the wardrobe and the walk-in closet are two very valid options, as long as they are tailor-made and designed specifically for your home and your lifestyle: in fact, only custom-made furniture can satisfy the high requirements that you expect from a luxury and exclusive furniture, able to adapt to your everyday life. If, on the other hand, it is you who must adapt, then we are not talking about true luxury.

How much does a custom closet cost?

Once you have found the answer to the question “Better a wardrobe or a walk-in closet?”, you will probably wonder later what the cost of a custom-made wardrobe is. We have extensively exposed some of the factors that affect the costs of a luxury furniture and, more specifically, a luxury wardrobe in this article, but to get a more precise price you can ask us for a quote: Cosy International remains at your disposal to make your home a truly tailor-made place for you!