New York home decor styles: the new trend of 2022

What strikes us about the New York homes we see in TV series and movies? Certainly the large spaces, the love for design and multi-ethnic style. In fact, it is no coincidence that more and more people have chosen this style of furniture to transform their home into a true paradise of relaxation, under the banner of well-being and innovation.

What do we mean by the furnishing style of New York homes?

First, we start with the color of the walls. White is preferred which, thanks to its brightness, makes the spaces of our home stand out even more, giving a very pleasant feeling of airiness. This does not mean, however, that white cannot be broken up with other shades, to give our open space an even more lively character. We can opt, for example, for inserts in red bricks, to give our walls that touch of vitality typical of the Big Apple or, why not, break the white with a beige color.

New York style house decor also means privileging large windows and open spaces, to give the house all the natural light it needs. Vintage elements cannot be missing, perhaps purchased during one of our trips, to increase the component of personality and warmth in our domestic spaces. What about the floor? Certainly smooth concrete would be ideal, as it unequivocally refers to industrial style. Convincing alternatives can be tiles or parquet, as long as they integrate well, chromatically, with our style of furniture.

We now come to the “main course”: the choice of furniture. Here, we are inspired by contemporary design, looking for essential shapes, large spaces and above all combinations in the name of harmony. Wood cannot be missing, an elegant and refined complement.


The choice of furniture for a New York style home

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