Bespoke Wardrobe Showroom in New York: Cosy even more International

We are glad to share with you wonderful news, aimed at all the Cosy admirers all over the world, and especially in the United States. Indeed, Cosy becomes even more International, landing in New York City.

You will have the chance to visit the most famous city in the globe, while having a look at an exclusive Bespoke Wardrobe Showroom, right in the centre of Manhattan.

Starting from Autumn 2021, the exclusive Showroom in Madison Avenue will open its doors to the prestige and unmistakable style of Cosy, born from the combination of the Italian attention for quality materials and the international vocation of its unique design.



The history of Cosy has its roots in the wonderful Florence, Italy. At the beginning of our experience in the bespoke furniture industry, we aimed at building the perfect environment for any need, which would suit an ever evolving demand for style and elegance developing all over the world.

Hence, we put together a team of professionals, specialised in the manufacturing of Italian wardrobe closets. Everyday, these artisans combine luxury with creativity and elegance, to offer to our clients perfect functionality and long-lasting durability.

Our history is rooted in tradition, although we are not indifferent to the evolving challenges of the global markets. Indeed, according to the Professor and Architect Guido Musante, a tailor-made offering, reactivity to international market trends and the capability to take on different identities are among the greatest strengths of Cosy International and contribute to make it a landmark in the luxury furniture industry, in Italy and all over the world.

We look forward to welcoming our American friends and, more in general, all New York City visitors from all over the world. For us, this is a further recognition of the quality of our work and an additional step towards the recognition of Cosy International as a global brand.



Starting from next Autumn, you will be able to find us in an exclusive location, enclosed between the Empire State Building and the Grand Central Station. The Showroom will be characterised for a unique atmosphere, where refinement and care for clients’ needs will reign supreme.

While we cannot wait to welcome you in New York City, you can request one of our brochures. Are you an architect, an interior designer or have you simply been attracted by the refinement of our bespoke wardrobes? We are ready to offer you worldwide support, top professional step-by-step installation and premium post-sales assistance.

You will just need to share your idea, we will take care of all the rest. Discover Excellence, join our World.