bespoke furniture benefits

5 benefits of custom-made furniture

It’s no use denying it: everyone has an idea of their “ideal home”, decorated with furniture of their dreams. It’s a pity that these dreams collide with industrially produced furniture, which never perfectly matches that perfect image in our mind.

There’s only one alternative that allows you to match dream and reality as closely as possible: bespoke furniture.

Furnishing your house with custom-made furniture is a choice that has a positive impact not only on the environments we live in every day, but also on our daily life. This is not an exaggeration: there are many advantages for those who decide not to resort to mass production and choose solutions that avoid restricted standards that are not suited to their needs.

The exclusivity of bespoke design

One of the most clear benefits of custom-made furniture is the exclusion of standardized solutions that would not harmonize with your rooms, let alone with your personal tastes! By choosing tailor-made furniture, on the other hand, you will have the power to decide on color, style and size: you’ll have actual one-of-a-kind pieces that will reflect your needs.


arredamento su misura


The high quality

“Made to measure” is synonymous with quality: by opting for custom-made furniture you can be sure that your goods will be designed with care! This attention to detail will guarantee a valuable and functional furniture, as well as lasting over time.

The choice of the best materials

This is one of the most popular bespoke furniture benefits. The professional (or the team of professionals) will study for you ad hoc solutions that will allow you to carefully choose the materials to be used in the processing, from the type of wood to the fabrics. In this way, all the furnishings will match in each of their components.

The optimization of space

A house is truly your home when it represents a place where you feel yourself: that’s why it is important that furniture fits naturally in the specificities of each room, just as a dress is perfect only if it is sewn on the shapes of those who wear it. It’s no coincidence that a project for tailor-made furniture begins with taking the measurements of the rooms.

The enhancement of the home

The value of custom-made furniture does not decrease over time but is actually recognized over the long term. This is a key point if you decide to rent or sell your home in the future.

The made-to-measure wardrobe: a personalized “home” for your clothing


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Of all furniture, the wardrobe (and specifically the walk-in closet) is among those that most benefit from a tailor-made workmanship. In fact, custom walk-in closets improve the room’s habitability and the organization of your personal belongings, such as clothing and other precious objects you care about. The custom-made walk-in closet is particularly recommended for those who need to customize interior spaces, from the number of drawers to the distance between the shelves.

The best of Made in Italy

Cosy International’s custom solutions arise from the encounter between the uniqueness of custom-made furniture and Made in Italy creativity. Our tailor-made services cover all stages of making bespoke walk-in closets, in order to offer you customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

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