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Turnkey furnishings: all the comfort of Cosy International, customized according to your needs

Here we go again. A new year begins, you have new ideas in mind and you don’t know where to start to make them happen. Don’t worry, Cosy International will take care of it! A possible solution, for those who aspire to a turnkey project with all the comfort of a customized set-up is the so-called Contract.


It is talked about more and more, in the Italian market and beyond. Cosy International does not intend to be caught unprepared by this challenge: in fact, especially in the last decade, a strong demand for personalization of domestic environments has emerged, in search of the necessary comfort to fully enjoy one’s home and make it an exclusive environment.


But what do we mean exactly by turnkey furnishings? The turnkey process begins when the client entrusts the general contractor with an order: the contractor contractually undertakes to provide all the necessary services so that the work is ready and completed on a predetermined date and above all it is carried out according to the technical specifications agreed between the parties.


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Why entrust the design to Cosy International?

At Cosy, the design of tailor-made wardrobe services is at the center of the attention of our professionals. We maintain very high quality standards throughout the entire production process of our bespoke walk-in closets. In the first stage, we take the measurements of the room. We continue by defining the design of the project features, selecting the materials and finally implementing the latest technology and innovations in full respect of the home environment.


This is a very delicate process: in fact, the creation of a custom wardrobe system requires continuous updates on the most recent trends in the furniture industry, a world that, as we see every year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and beyond, is in constant evolution. Our tailor-made services include, among others, free support in the first design phase with customized CAD drawing, free space detection service on site not to mention the assembly of the customized walk-in closet by our specialized team operating internationally.


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The first steps of turnkey design

As you can experience for yourself, the Cosy team is highly specialized and ready to respond to any of your needs, turnkey furnishings included. Cosy’s preference for exclusive quality defines the manufacturing process. Taking the measurements of the environment, carefully defining the characteristics of the project, adequately choosing the materials and technology, respecting the environment throughout the executive process: all these elements contribute, in an inseparable way, to the creation of the wardrobe system. A constant professional update on the evolution of the furniture world cannot be missing.


It all starts with a preliminary check. One of our representatives will examine the exact dimensions of the space to be furnished and then will propose the walk-in closet project with customized elements, according to your specific needs. Our strength? Certainly the versatility of the design and the enhancement of special materials, together with the characteristic craftsmanship. The quality excels in the selection of the most varied materials: luxurious, precious and refined. Unusual details create geometries and perspectives of high aesthetic value.


What are you waiting for to put us to the test and share your exclusive project with us? Get involved in the creativity, innovation and elegance of the Cosy International world, where refinement and modernity give life to unique and original designs. Thanks to our long experience in craftsmanship, we have been able to transform every tailor-made project of the luxury Cosy International wardrobes into a unique piece, destined to enhance every space in an exclusive way.

Feel inspired every day, it’s Cosy International!