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Luxury wardrobes for the residential sector: a Cosy project in Montréal

Cosy International’s 2024 began with a great satisfaction that takes us to Canada, to the big Montréal. In this metropolis, an immense residential building has been created from the restoration of an old convent: here we were commissioned to take care of the furnishing of three apartments, with a focus on the design of luxury wardrobes systems.

The project in brief

  • Context: 3 apartments in Montréal, Canada
  • Client: private
  • Design concept: modernity, functionality, timeless beauty
  • Process of implementation: pre-selection of materials by client, customization of wardrobes according to space, confirmation by client at rendering stage

Luxury wardrobes and procurement services in Montréal

This project involved three apartments, each about 250 square meters. The request from the private client was as follows: supply the apartments with luxury closets, customized based on spaces and needs, with the addition of procurement services for two of the units. In particular, the closets were the focus of the entire project, and the challenge was to maintain their functionality without compromising the modern yet elegant lines so dear to Cosy.

Specifically, closet systems were designed in each apartment for the master bedroom, two bedrooms, and the entrance hall.

From design to customer relationship

Besides the custom luxury wardrobes, the project involved the selection of furniture for all the main areas of the two apartments we were asked to procure. During the design phase, renderings of the relevant rooms were produced to provide the client with a preview of what the overall mood of the apartment would be, with the materials previously selected.

This approach enabled clear and effective communication with the client, ensuring that each choice was made with the right awareness.

Timeless beauty: the style of luxury closets

The closet systems of the three apartments are characterized by their modern and minimal style, devoid of unnecessary frills, based on a clean and elegant line together. They were designed through modules, a feature that allowed them to be customized to meet the size of the rooms and the specific needs of the client. Each cabinet was then carefully designed and installed, coming to meet the client’s requirements with a rewarding end result.

The customer’s enthusiasm and satisfaction have decreed the success of this project, consolidating Cosy International’s presence in the Canadian market. In fact, in the future we will continue our activities in this country, with new opportunities and collaborations.

A service of excellence, a single partner

Cosy’s mission is to offer the best in living weel-being, not only as a manufacturer of luxury wardrobes but also as a trusted advisor to architects, interior designers and end clients.

By relying on our procurement service, you will benefit from a team of professionals and numerous brands: a great team at your disposal, a single partner for your projects.