come arredare con i quadri

Interior design artwork: the value of paintings in furniture

When it comes to luxury interior design, every detail is crucial to personalize and make a living space unique. From the choice of furniture to the layout of the space, every choice is motivated to reflect the client’s style and personality. Among all decorative elements, interior design artworks and especially paintings take a prominent role: they not only add color and aesthetic beauty, but also give depth and meaning to the rooms we inhabit.

Art transforms the way we perceive a space. A room without artwork runs the risk of appearing sterile and impersonal, lacking the vitality that only art can instill. Whether large or small, individual or part of a collection, paintings enrich a room, transforming it into a more personal and welcoming space.

An interior design artwork thus has not only a decorative function, but also conveys emotions, ideals and concepts, enriching the sensory experience of the surrounding space. In this context, paintings complement interior design projects, becoming protagonists of the environment or helping to define the style of a room.

How to decorate with paintings and increase the value of an interior design project

Within a furniture design project, paintings have multiple functions:

  • personalize spaces,
  • create the “right” atmosphere,
  • convey emotions,
  • maintaining visual balance,
  • being an investment.

Paintings therefore play a central role, being able to catch the eye and infuse originality into a bespoke project. Each interior design artwork should be carefully selected to reflect the owner’s unique tastes and interests: whether it is an abstract painting, a landscape or a portrait, each work becomes an emanation of the personality of the person who will live in that room. Moreover, having a unique piece of art inevitably adds intrinsic value to an interior design project.

Frameworks also have a practical function. In fact, they can be used strategically to balance a room. In a room with irregular proportions or distinctive architectural features, a precisely placed painting can help create a sense of visual balance and harmony. In addition, they can be used to direct the eye to particular architectural elements or to emphasize specific interior features, thereby enhancing the overall experience of the living space.

Finally, investing in paintings can be an excellent long-term decision, not only because the value of artworks increases over time but because they become part of the family history: from generation to generation, they become true family treasures, irreplaceable and precious.


come arredare con i quadri interior design artwork

Colors, contrasts and combinations: how to decorate with paintings

When you need to select a painting for a particular project, its bulk (a small painting is likely to go unnoticed, a large painting might be too obtrusive), the height at which you decide to hang it, and also the type of frame that will house it (if it has one) are key to consider.

There are no universal rules: the same painting might be perfect for one room and not be suitable for another.

Furnishing a room with paintings and artworks is a game of colors, contrasts and combinations, which becomes essential to create an engaging and harmonious environment.

First of all, it is essential to consider the style of the room and its pre-existing decor, trying to find a balance between the different visual components.

Taking advantage of contrast can also be particularly effective, allowing paintings to stand out and capture attention in a bold way. For example, a brightly hued painting can stand out against a neutral wall, while more subdued works can be enhanced by a colorful background. It can also become interesting to juxtapose an abstract painting with classic decor.

By carefully choosing colors and combinations, the room will itself become a work of art!

Trust the right partner to select fine interior design artworks

Cosy International selects paintings by emerging and established artists to enrich high-profile design projects, understanding the importance of interior design artworks in complementing the décor of a home.

We offer an eclectic and quality selection capable of satisfying the most refined aesthetic needs. Each carefully chosen piece of artwork represents an investment in the value and uniqueness of the design project, helping to create extraordinarily striking spaces.




The paintings in the images in this article were created by Italian artist Vladimiro Di Massa, aka Vladi.