accogliere ospiti regali

How to host royal guests: a furniture project in Jeddah

North of Jeddah lies a luxury oasis with a sprawling area occupied not only by lavish resorts, but also by a prestigious residence consisting of the main house and three guest villas. After showing the first and second, in this article we will take an in-depth look at the third villa, a luxury interior design project that is also an excellent example of how to best accommodate royal guests. In fact, it was a Riyadh couple consisting of an Arab princess and her husband who commissioned this residential complex.

This guest villa is based on a design project aimed at satisfying those accustomed to the best, exceeding their expectations and offering an unparalleled experience that includes inviolate views of the Red Sea and custom Made in Italy furnishings. The starting points were the passion of the princess, Feng Shui, and the need of the couple and their royal guests for a private environment.


progetto di arredamento a jeddah

A furniture design based on Feng Shui

Inside this sumptuous mansion, the age-old principles of Feng Shui have been skillfully integrated into the design of the spaces, creating an environment that can visually enchant and encourage a harmonious flow of energy. Every detail, from the arrangement of the furnishings to the choice of materials, has been carefully curated to ensure a feeling of balance and serenity, enveloping royal guests from the moment they arrive.

The design of furnishings and wardrobes harmonizes perfectly with the philosophy of the residence, based on the fluidity of spaces and versatility of elements.


progetto di arredamento jeddah

Welcoming royal guests with a view of the sea

All villas in this residential complex are designed with the view of the Red Sea in mind: any royal guest can admire the sea without the interference of architectural elements. This particular villa also enjoys breathtaking scenery, a real treat for the eyes that beautifully complements the hospitality.


accogliere ospiti regali jeddah

Luxury, custom-made, Made in Italy furniture

A distinctive element of this furniture project is the use of sliding panels, not only as decorative elements, but also as practical solutions to hide closets and wardrobes, or to connect separate spaces within the dwelling. This integration gives a feeling of continuity between rooms and promotes a harmonious flow, in line with Feng Shui principles, thus ensuring an uninterrupted living experience full of balance.

Specifically, the closet systems and walk-in closets are Made in Italy and are designed and customized by Cosy according to the client’s tastes and needs. The result is furniture that marries beauty and functionality, offering royal guests an environment in which they can feel perfectly comfortable and with all the amenities.


progetto arredamento jeddah furniture project

The timeless elegance of furniture design

The furniture, custom-made and crafted with Italian craftsmanship, exudes a timeless elegance that blends perfectly with the prestige of royal guests. Each piece is carefully designed, offering guests a stay experience that is a tribute to their royalty.


progetto arredamento ospiti regali host royal guests

Providing privacy for royal guests

In such an exclusive villa, guest privacy is sacred. To meet this important need, it was decided to create an artificial hill that not only provides a private environment but also has an aesthetic function: hiding all the technical rooms of the residential complex. In addition, each space was designed to provide an intimate and private retreat away from prying eyes and outside distractions. Royal guests can enjoy an unparalleled living experience surrounded by a magnificent atmosphere.


accogliere ospiti regali hosting royal guests

An interior design project living up to royal guests

Welcoming royal guests to Jeddah is not only a matter of luxury and elegance, but also of respect and attention to their needs and expectations, which only a tailor-made design can meet.

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