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An interior design project in Jeddah by Cosy

Cosy International was born in Italy, in Florence, but exports luxury Made in Italy all over the world, working with prestigious partners in major cities on all continents. Our interior design work has also taken us to Saudi Arabia, north of Jeddah, in an expanding area where some prestigious resorts are based.

In this area, along the Red Sea coast, there is also an exclusive residential complex, of which the villa featured in this article is a part. Designed by Vincenzo Provenzano, it was furnished with closets and walk-in closets by Cosy International, which thus had the opportunity to elevate bespoke luxury to an unprecedented level.

The commissioning of the interior design project in Jeddah


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The principals of this prestigious villa overlooking the Red Sea, intended for guests, were a couple in their 50s from Riyadh: an Arab princess who is a follower of the ancient art of Feng Shui and her husband. The clients were very specific in their aspirations: they wanted a large, private environment that respected precisely Feng Shui’s principles of harmony and balance, taking inspiration from the five basic elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, which gave direction especially in the choice of materials.

Jeddah villa furnished by Cosy

As mentioned above, the villa is an integral part of a plot formed by the main residence and three guest facilities. To meet the client’s need for privacy, an artificial hill was created that also serves the function of hiding all technical rooms, thus preserving the aesthetic impact of the surroundings. In addition, all the villas were designed so that the view of the sea can be enjoyed from each one, without architectural interference.


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The villa fits perfectly into the landscape. The strength of the residency is precisely this: the careful relationship between nature and structure, found not only in the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, but also in the principles of sustainability respected, ranging from the use of natural materials (for example: Roman travertine, teak planks, American walnut parquet) to the perfect insulation of walls and windows. It is therefore a project of rare environmental sensitivity, respectful of the rules of good sustainable design. It was a pleasure for Cosy to join the interior design team of this villa in Jeddah.

The interior design project of the luxury villa


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This guest villa in Jeddah is distinguished by the close integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, with rooms becoming fluid and versatile thanks to multifunctional sliding panels, made of wood, aluminum and glass, capable of transforming spaces without depriving them of their harmony. The panels may look like a piece of furniture or a decorative element, but they actually help to harmoniously connect the various spaces. The result is an open and fluid environment.

Custom luxury closets in Jeddah villa


interior design jeddah


The design of the villa’s furniture and closets fits perfectly with the general philosophy of the house, based on the fluidity of spaces and versatility of elements. The most original characterization is the integration of sliding panels that, in addition to serving as decorative elements, conceal closets and wardrobes, or connect distinct spaces within the mansion. This creates a perception of continuity between spaces, as well as a balanced flow in line with the philosophy of Feng Shui.


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The relationship between the architectural elements and the furniture is evident in the choice of materials: American walnut and teak wood are found in both the interiors and exteriors, while aluminum and lacquered glass characterize the closets in the bedrooms.


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Speaking more specifically about Cosy’s closets, the focus of luxury has been on customization in order to meet the needs and preferences of customers. Each door becomes a unique expression thanks to the total freedom of customization at the design stage. Thus, closets become the key to freely express personal style in the bedroom.

Cosy International’s bespoke interior design

This interior design project in Jeddah is just one example of the tailor-made services offered by Cosy. Our philosophy is to meet all client needs, creating unique closets and walk-in closets that fully reflect the client’s intentions.

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