Rebranding COSY new logo

Cosy International’s new brand image: interview with Vincenzo Provenzano Creative Director

At last we can start to share with all Cosy admirers what we’ve been working on for months and are excited to present: Cosy International’s new brand image with a completely revamped logo that reflects our passion and dedication to creating luxury wardrobes with timeless style.

Our new Creative Director Vincenzo Provenzano, an architect, highlighted the need for a restyle. He instantly grasped the potential of our collections and, above all, of Cosy’s ability to collaborate and customise creating truly bespoke furniture.

Specialising in Eco sustainable Achitecture and proactive in the field of luxury residential design, Vincenzo Provenzano lives between Palermo and Jeddah working on large projects designed especially for the Middle East market.


cosy international vincenzo provenzano


We decided to ask Vincenzo a few questions, to go over the path that led Cosy International to study a new brand image, consistent with its identity and ambitions.


  • Hi Vincenzo, first of all thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Let’s start at the begining: under what circumstances did you become Creative director of Cosy International?
    It all started with my first collaboration with Cosy, in the context of a project for a residence in Jeddah commissioned by a Saudi Princess: I was the designer on behalf of a local studio and I was looking for a wardrobe company that had special customisation capabilities and versatility in items of size. I was immediately impressed by Cosy’s customisation capacity: It is probably the only company of it’s kind in Italy when it comes to walk-in wardrobes and wardrobes. This is how my collaboration with Fabiano Pianigiani, Cosy’s CEO began. A few years after that first project together, he invited me to join the company’s team and make my contribution as Creative Director.


  • What made you think “Well is time to renew Cosy International’s image”?
    I had noticed that the way the company communicated its philosophy and presented itself to customers was outdated. Given Cosy’s considerable potential in items of flexibility and customisation, the company needed a coherent image to match its exciting collections and introducing new ones inspired by a more contemporary design. At the same time, I suggested adopting a new logo and renewing everything  associated with the corporate image.


  • Why did Cosy International need a change of image? In which way did the former logo no longer represent Cosy?
    Cosy International’s logo was already sober and elegant, but I found the working a bit limiting. I wanted the logo to fit into more contexts, both analogue and digital: I wanted a geometric element that had its own independent graphic value, capable of making Cosy immediately recognisable. A logo that communicated a timeless design, linked to the best Italian craftsmanship tradition in the contemporary world.


  • What was the initial inspiration to start working on Cosy’s new image? Did anything in particular inspire you?
    In order not to lose sight of the objective, there needed to be a point of reference,  even if only symbolic, that represented an idea of modernity that never goes away: for me it was the Givenchy sheath dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which redefined fashion in the 1960’s but is still an undisputed symbol of style and elegance today. In the same way, I wanted both Cosy’s logo and image to convey the philosophy of a design-oriented company that offers timeless solutions and does not simply chase the fashion of the moment.


  • What direction did the search for the new logo then take?
    It was clear to me that Cosy International’s logo should communicate these values: sobriety, modernity and elegance. Since the aim was to study a graphic sign with its own identity, but one that would still recall the company it represented, I thought that the company’s three areas of expertise (Collections, Project and Procurement) could be graphically rendered through a reworking of the first and last letters of the name  “COSY”, i.e C and Y. This area gave rise to the first “prototype” of the logo: a circular C divided into three equal parts by the Y, a solution that also allowed us to study a series of patterns that could be used in both Cosy’s communication and customisation.


cosy international


  • Along with the logo, Cosy International’s colour palette has also changed: How?
    The palette is that element of the new brand image that represents continuity with the past: we decided to maintain the black / white contrast, always pursuing that timeless vision that is particularly dear to us, adding a few colours that were reminiscent of the metals used in Cosy’s collections.


  • As you mentioned at the beginning, Cosy is renewing its brand image as well as its collections, but not only: at least one new one will be announced later this year. Can you anticipate anything?
    The reorganisation of Cosy International’s collection is still a work in progress and will definitely be proposed this year, together with a new collection: Metallica. As the name suggests , it will have metal as a distance distinctive element, in combination with other materials, in keeping with Cosy’s traditional versatility in customisation. At the moment, I can anticipate that Metallica will represent a modern sign of elegance within a minimalist vision of the wardrobe. I recommend everyone subscribe to Cosy International’s newsletter to stay up-to-date on the next developments, which will amaze you!


We would like to thank Vincenzo for taking the time to talk to us: we will certainly return to our blog to talk about his projects in collaboration with Cosy International! If you are curious about the future of Cosy, follow us on our social channel (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest) so you don’t miss any news: the journey has only just started…