cosy international collezione metallica collection

Cosy launches the Metallica collection: a triumph of bronze, gold and satin steel

After the recent logo change, Cosy International continues to face new challenges in the world of interior design and custom furniture by launching a new collection based on the winning collaboration between innovation, elegance and functionality. We are excited to launch our Metallica collection, a line of wardrobes and walk-in closets which have been meticulously and expertly designed in every detail, according to the best luxury design tradition.
But what is special about it?

cosy collezione metallica collection


Metallica collection: the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship

The new Metallica collection confirms Cosy International’s will to design and offer made-to-measure wardrobes with a timeless style, just like the other collections. But it has a completely original aspect that distinguishes it from the others: the use of metal details that make the finishes of its wardrobes even more exclusive and precious, also allowing a good range of customization.
metal frame wardrobe
Among the precious materials that Cosy has chosen to use in profiles and handles of the wardrobes there are bronze, gold, satin steel and chrome, capable of reflecting light with special beauty. The doors, on the other hand, can have different equally valuable coverings, such as leather, lacquered glass and various types of fabric. It is therefore possible to choose between different combinations of materials, leaving complete freedom of expression to the client.

A sophisticated atmosphere for your walk-in closet

The materials selected for the Metallica collection, in addition to being durable and of high quality, create that exclusive atmosphere that your environments deserve: the walk-in closet, the bedroom and, more generally, the sleeping area. The real touch of class is the light: in fact, the bronze and the other materials featured in this collection reflect it like jewels, in a magical and precious way.

luxury closet


Highly customizable wardrobes

As already mentioned, the furniture in the Metallica collection can be customized according to everyone’s needs and tastes. For example, the doors can be transparent or opaque, covered with materials ranging from fabric to wood in relief. This choice allows endless customization possibilities, thus obtaining a wardrobe that perfectly matches the customer’s preferences. During the manufacturing process, Cosy’s professionals obviously adhere to the highest quality craftsmanship, guaranteeing walk-in closets and wardrobes made with care and attention to detail.

bespoke closet


Let yourself be enchanted by Metallica collection

Our new collection is perfect for those who want a refined sleeping area with an incomparable personality, ensuring an excellent balance between aesthetics and functionality. Precious, chic, luxurious… Find the right words yourself to describe Metallica and its unmistakable style!