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Differences between men’s and women’s walk in closet

The walk-in closet is an especially desirable room for both genders, especially if it reflects the characteristics of a luxury walk-in closet, such as the use of fine materials, custom design, and the study of a space that combines tradition and originality.

These particular closet systems are attractive to both men and women, but usually a women’s walk-in closet is different from a men’s walk-in closet. In this article we will explore what these differences are.

The size of the walk-in closet

The first difference between a women’s walk-in closet and a men’s walk-in closet is about size. Generally, women tend to have more clothing and accessories than men. The amount of clothing and personal items to be organized influences the size of a walk-in closet. Men, on the other hand, usually need a more compact space and therefore a smaller room.

Styles and colors in women’s and men’s walk-in closets

Each person has their own personal taste, but generally walk-in closets for women have a more varied and vibrant color palette. The shades of colors used reflect the personality of the owner, which is why they can be very different, depending on the design: from pastel shades to bolder colors.

Men’s walk-in closets, on the other hand, are traditionally designed in a more restrained, minimalist style. A few neutral colors rule, like brown, black, white and gray. Simplicity and elegance are the keywords of a perfect men’s walk-in closet.


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Whether it is a women’s or men’s walk-in closet, in any case, one should not lose sight of functionality and practicality, features of any well-designed custom-made walk-in closet.

Organization inside the walk-in closet

The arrangement of clothes and their organization within walk-in closets can vary greatly by gender. In the women’s walk-in closet, it is more common to find many shelves, racks, hangers and spaces dedicated to accessories and jewelry. Men’s walk-in closets, on the other hand, usually have a simpler organization due to fewer items to keep in order. In their case, special attention should be paid to the organization of shirts, pants and shoes.

Women’s walk-in closet: a space that is also a dressing room

If for a man the walk-in closet is used as a particularly well-organized closet, the space of a women’s walk-in closet is also designed to be a dressing room and a quiet corner for applying makeup. For this reason, there is no shortage of mirrors, targeted lighting, chairs and poufs, as well as an area designed specifically for grooming.


women's walk in closet cabina armadio donna


Despite the differences, it is important to emphasize that both women’s and men’s walk-in closets must meet one primary goal: to effectively organize clothes and accessories while respecting the tastes and needs of its owner or proprietor.

Of course, what we have just seen are not fixed rules: each individual is free to design his or her own walk-in closet according to his or her preferences, regardless of gender. After all, fashion is also changing: the line separating men’s and women’s fashion is becoming less and less clear-cut, and there is more and more talk of “genderless fashion“. This trend will also be reflected in the design of walk-in closets and wardrobes.

Woman’s or man’s walk-in closet?

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