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Where a princess gets dressed: the luxury wardrobe of a villa in Jeddah

A princess can have anything she wants, even when it comes to furnishing a fine mansion. This is why we might imagine that a princess’s luxury closet is lavish, full of superfluous details and even a bit eccentric, but this is not the kind of experience we have had as Cosy International.

We recently presented the interior design project of a villa in Jeddah. The subject of this article is another villa that is part of the same residential complex in Jeddah, commissioned by an Arab princess and her husband from Riyadh. Their request was clear: they wished to have a private space with a beautiful view of the Red Sea that would reflect the principles of Feng Shui and its five basic elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.


jeddah villa


The integration of all four villas into the landscape is one of the strengths of the project, highlighted by the careful relationship between nature and structure. This harmony is manifested not only in the interior and exterior spaces, but also in the sustainability principles adopted, which include the use of natural materials (inspired precisely by the elements of Feng Shui). Even in the case of this specific villa, the result is an abode for guests nestled in a beautiful landscape.

Unlike the residence presented in the previous article, this villa has two floors. The sleeping area is on the ground floor, while the living area, the master suite and the pool are on the upper floor. This provides an inviolate view of the sea and the beach, with no architectural structures obstructing the view.


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Cosy had the pleasure of collaborating with the interior design team of this prestigious villa in Jeddah, designing the luxury closets, walk-in closet and other storage furniture, offering our tailor-made services.

The luxury closets of the Jeddah villa

As with the other residences that complete the complex, the interiors of this villa are distinguished by the use of multifunctional sliding panels that make the spaces more versatile than ever. The panel is not merely a decorative or functional element, but becomes a key-element to harmoniously connect the different areas of the house. This feature is perfectly in line with the Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony that the clients have at heart.


jeddah luxury wardrobe armadio di lusso


The Cosy International team intervened by designing custom luxury closet systems, using fine materials, mainly wood, aluminum and lacquered glass. All furniture elements have a distinctive and modern, timeless feel that never goes out of style and always remains true to itself.

The luxury of Cosy’s closets can be found in the maximum possible customization to meet the wishes and preferences of the client.

The princess’ walk-in closet

The custom-made walk-in closet designed for this villa has nothing superfluous about it: the lines are both essential and elegant. This is the result of solution-oriented design, with the meticulous attention to detail typical of fine Made in Italy design. Taking into account the characteristics of the domestic environment, its intended use, and the clients’ tastes, we ensured a tailor-made result that harmoniously integrates with the style and specific needs of the residence.


cabina armadio walk in closet jeddah

Cosy International: luxury closet systems and bespoke walk-in closets

The interior design project carried out in Jeddah is an exemplary manifesto of the customized services offered by Cosy. Our approach is based on the goal of fully meeting the client’s needs through the creation of unique closets and walk-in closets designed and shaped to fully reflect your intentions and tastes.

To discover how our attention to detail can transform any room into an extraordinary experience, we invite you to browse Cosy International’s brochure.