Comfort first, to transform our home into an oasis of well-being

2021 is certainly a year that we will not easily forget. The gradual exit from the pandemic, with the improvement of the health, economic and social situation, while on the one hand has reassured us in our optimistic vision, on the other it has opened up to changes in our daily habits destined to last in the coming decades.

As emerged during the very recent Salone del Mobile, which we talked about in our blog, the home, already the cornerstone of our lives, has taken on an increasingly central role in our daily routines. In fact, thanks to quarantine, and above all smartworking, we have understood how much ease and comfort can and should coexist, in a home environment that is welcoming and at the same time suitable for all our needs.


Change as an opportunity

In Cosy International we are very attentive to emerging trends and news. While aware of the difficult situation that the whole world is experiencing, we try every day to draw a lesson from this historical moment, discovering new opportunities.

It is no coincidence that the trend, increasingly in vogue in 2022, foresees the opportunity of personalizing one’s home spaces in the name of comfort. With us, the possibilities of creating handcrafted custom-made wardrobes are almost endless.

In fact, we maintain high quality standards throughout the whole production process. The design of a custom walk-in closet begins with taking the measurements, then moving on to the design of the project’s characteristics and the selection of materials. All this without losing sight of the latest technology and innovations. In a world, like that of furniture, which lives in constant transformation and evolution, the creation of custom-made wooden wardrobes is certainly no exception.



The importance of choosing an artisan project

The bedroom plays an important role in the design of our domestic environments. A Made in Italy walk-in closet, made to measure by artisans of recognized professionalism and experience, transforms our home. No longer the refuge, where our day ends, but a real oasis of well-being.

With us, you will find a wide range of tailor-made services, including free support in the first design phase with customized CAD drawing, free on-site space detection service and, above all, the assembly of your walk-in closet by a specialized team with many years of international experience.

The present gives us a new awareness of the centrality of the domestic environment and for this reason Cosy International intends to relaunch by offering increasingly cutting-edge services, starting from handcrafted custom-made wardrobes. With us, you can give free rein to your creativity, relying on the safe hands of our experts.

Create your Style, choose Excellence.