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A year with Cosy: choose the next articles of our interior design blog!

As the Christmas period approaches, it is normal to take stock of the situation and ask questions, reflecting on the past year: what has been done? Did we do things right? But, above all: what can be improved… and how?

But before drawing up the so-called list of New Year’s resolutions, it is a good thing to look back and see which obstacles have been overcome and which objectives have been achieved. For us at Cosy International it has been a year of challenges and satisfactions, also between the lines of our interior design blog: we have explored new themes (such as the Hospitality sector, always in the luxury area), we have inaugurated the interviews with interior design & architecture professionals and we have continued to offer insights into custom and luxury furnishings.

So, summing up, what were the contents you appreciated the most?

The most read articles of our interior design blog


First position
5 benefits of custom-made furniture

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Second position
How much does it cost to furnish a luxury house?

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Third position
Custom closets or walk-in closets? That’s the question… and this is the answer!

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We have accompanied you for an entire year with contents like these, written with passion for our work and curiosity for the world of luxury design, counting on the fact that they will be useful for guiding your taste and choices in furnishing your home.

But now let’s think about the future!
Interior architecture, interior design and luxury furnishings are boundless topics and you surely prefer certain types of content. Help us figure out which ones, so we always have articles that are inspiring for you.


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